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Calabasas valet parking service

Hollywood Valet Parking Service

for your Parties and Special Events


The diverse, eclectic nature of Hollywood gatherings and the need to set your event’s status one level above would make the luxury of using a valet parking service for your party or special event a must. When people attend an event in Hollywood, they expect to find the highest class in all they encounter. The expert attendants of Fidelity Valet Parking’s Hollywood Valet Parking Service will politely receive your guests, making for an excellent first impression and enhancing your special event. When you utilize Fidelity Valet's Hollywood Valet Parking Service, we not only cater to your guests’ safe and comfortable arrival but also take away one of your main problems in planning an event in Hollywood or Hollywood Hills.


Planning a fabulous shindig in Hollywood is involved enough; by allowing Fidelity's Hollywood Valet Parking Service, you will have one less step to worry about while planning your party or special event. Call us for a free site analysis; you will find out that hiring an affordable valet parking service for your event in Hollywood is not only a point of style but also one that ensures you are adhering to all of the city’s parking regulations.

The first advantage of hiring Fidelity Valet Parking Service is checking your parking logistics before your quote and at no charge. We study your neighborhood and learn about your parking needs, and considering your guest list. We will work diligently to secure an adequate number of spaces to receive your guests’ vehicles in a safe and orderly fashion. Also, we review staffing needs, so there are enough valet parking attendants present to ensure that your guests are not inconvenienced by waiting in long lines at arrival or while going. Departure from your Hollywood special event would be stylish, safe, and orderly, leaving your guests with a fabulous and lasting memory of your occasion.

Depending on the Hollywood venue you have selected, there may not be an adequate number of available parking spaces near your event. By hiring Fidelity Valet Parking as your Hollywood Valet Parking Service, you provide an extra measure of convenience to your guests. Furthermore, the lack of available parking space close to your venue may force your guests to find street parking or look for a city parking lot that could potentially be at an unsafe distance from your event (especially if they are leaving in late hours). Hence another advantage of utilizing Fidelity's Hollywood Valet Parking Service is added security when the valet parking staff is present. For your next Hollywood party or special event, allow the added value of our Hollywood Valet Parking Service and set your gathering head and shoulders above the rest.

So fill out a Valet Quote Request form or contact Fidelity Valet Parking the next time you plan a party or special event in Hollywood. Your guests will appreciate your foresight while you allow Fidelity Valet to transform your Hollywood special event into a well-designed Affair!

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