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Calabasas valet parking service

Pacific Palisades Valet Parking for your Parties and Special Events

    Located North of Santa Monica and West of Brentwood, and with panoramic views, Pacific Palisades is known for its gorgeous homes on perfectly manicured yards and meandering streets. Large houses and many suitable venues make Pacific Palisades quite ideal for entertaining, private parties and special events. Planning Valet Parking for the roads in and around Pacific Palisades could be hard to arrange so cross out a stressful item out of your party or special event planning by calling Fidelity Valet Parking’s Pacific Palisades Valet Parking Service; you select the location, and we will take care of all your valet parking requirements.


Valet Parking Service is an indispensable addition to your private party or special event held in Pacific Palisades where parking spaces are at a premium. So Provide your guests, who expect to find the highest class while attending your private party or special event in Pacific Palisades, with a great first impression: A properly attired, fully insured, valet parking service with a smile from Fidelity Valet Parking. Our valet parking attendants take the hassle out of parking and provide a pleasant and civilized way to arrive at or retire from your gathering. To plan the parking site for larger crowds is not a small task, especially if you are planning an event for your company or perhaps throwing a lavish gathering. When you hire Fidelity Parking Valet Service for your event in Pacific Palisades, we research your neighborhood and determine what your parking needs are. Considering your guest list a manager from Fidelity Valet Parking Service will visit your location and draw up the plans for sufficient street parking or find a parking area in the neighborhood where valet parking attendants can easily access. We will determine the best approach to handling the number of cars that will arrive, where to set up a drop-off and pick up location close to the entrance. We will review staffing needs so that there are enough valet parking attendants present to ensure that your guests are not inconvenienced by waiting in long lines at arrival or departure all the while providing a stylish, safe last impression.


By choosing one of our affordable Specials for your next Pacific Palisades party or special event, take the hassle out of your parking planning and allow Fidelity Valet Parking Service make your guests experience safer and more enjoyable. So fill out a Valet Quote Request form or contact Fidelity Valet Parking the next time you are planning a party or special event in Pacific Palisades. Your guests will appreciate your foresight and leave with great memories of your stylish affair.

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