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Calabasas valet parking service

Valet Parking Service for your parties and special events in Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice

Beach communities of Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu, are charming and picturesque locations to host your party or special event. When organizing your special event in eclectic Venice, delightful Santa Monica or luxurious Malibu, Pacific ocean and the weather provide for an ambiance unmatched in Los Angeles. What better way to add to your excellent location and to the luxury of your small, elegant private party or your large, extravagant gathering than providing your guests to be received in comfort and style by Fidelity Valet's Malibu Valet Parking Service attendants and our famous “Service with a Smile.”

From providing uniformed and insured Valet parking attendants for your Santa Monica gathering to Valet Parking Service for your special event in Malibu as well as shuttle and limousine service, Fidelity Valet Parking will provide you with competitive pricing and professional valet parking service backed by LA size insurance coverage. Fidelity Parking’s professional valet parking service staff will receive your guests like VIPs and handle your special event’s parking smoothly and luxuriously.

In Santa Monica, parking logistics are not only complicated but your special event may require city permit and planning. So if you have a large gathering and parking seems to be a logistical nightmare, one call and Fidelity Valet’s Santa Monica and Venice Valet Parking service will draw up the perfect plan with sufficient number of valet parking attendants and a doorman, plenty of signs to direct traffic and an ideal drop off location to let you cross off another item from your list of to do’s. Consider a scenario that you are hosting a private party or special event for just forty people; it is entirely possible that they may arrive as couples and drive up in twenty cars. Now consider your residential area and the shock of having all these cars trying to park at the same time. This situation may just become too much trouble for your guests and a complete nuisance to your neighbors, leaving everyone with a poor impression of your party. So let’s take the guesswork out of how parking will be supervised and call Fidelity Valet Parking as your valet parking service provider. We will set up our valet stand close to the entrance of your event’s venue, and as your guests drive up, Fidelity Parking’s expert valet parking attendants will take turns helping them from their vehicles. Our professional Valet Doorman will provide claim tickets, and the valet attendants will be whisk away the cars to be parked so that the line of arriving guests is not clogged, and your guests arrive comfortably in style.

Fill out an inquiry form online at our website, and we will schedule a supervisor to study your neighborhood and figure out how best to provide a service that will be transparent to your neighbors and frustration free to you and your guests. Then we will discuss the logistics, such as how many valet parking attendants will be necessary, where the cars will be parked, what time would your valet parking attendants will arrive to set up and what would be the best closing scenario for an affordable valet parking service.

Fidelity Valet Parking is expert in hard to manage locations in Malibu and hard to maneuver streets of Venice and Santa Monica. If you are in charge of planning an event for your organization or your client, plan prudently and prepare as early as 2 to 4 weeks ahead. If you are in charge of a guest list of hundreds and a large number of people arriving at the same time, do not become alarmed. Our experienced managers will carefully examine your valet parking requirements and will provide a plan of action covering for the doorman, valet attendants, signs, umbrella, and even backups and redundancies in case of last minute larger than expected crowds showing. Also If you require a permit, we will find out the cost if any and will apply for it on your behalf. You have enough on your plate, fill out an online inquiry and let Fidelity Valet Parking handle your valet parking logistics.

So hire Fidelity Valet Parking as your Tarzana valet service by filling out a Valet Parking Quote Request form or contact Fidelity Valet Parking the next time you are planning a party. Fidelity Valet Parking’s Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu valet parking service will ensure that your special event runs smoothly, your guests are received promptly, your gathering not a point of frustration to your neighbors, and that your guests will be treated with the level of style and convenience they deserve.

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