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Safe, licensed, expert, on time Valet Parking Service in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica and San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles Valet Parking Service

for your Parties and Special Events


Fidelity Parking could help create that unique atmosphere you are trying to fashion when implementing Valet Parking Service staff. You add a touch of class to your private party or special event, whether you are planning for a personal occasion at your home or coordinating a distinctive special event with many more people, so call and discuss your options with a Fidelity Valet. Parking Service manager today!


An important factor when you consider valet parking service for your private party or special event that you hold in Los Angeles is the cost.  However, based on city zoning laws, you are expected to hire a licensed, bonded and insured Valet Parking company authorized to work in Los Angeles. When hiring Fidelity Parking, you are receiving service from a licensed, bonded, and insured Parking Company, while Fidelity provides you with competitive rates, which are commonly the best in Los Angeles!


When you are hosting a special occasion such as a private party or a personal gathering, it would be proper if you as the host paid for all charges associated with the valet service. It would then be at your guests’ discretion to tip the valet parking attendants who valet their cars for them. But if you are hosting a more significant -may be public-event, such as a fundraising, it is quite reasonable to pay for a portion of the valet parking service bill and have Fidelity Valet Parking charge attendees a nominal fee per car, which would help to offset the final cost and minimize the charge to your budget.


We assure you that hiring Fidelity's Valet Parking Service will make your private party or special event more stylish, fashionable and more comfortable to attend. So fill out a Valet Quote Request form or contact Fidelity Valet Parking if you are planning a private party or special event in Los Angeles; we will save you money and time, receive your guests in luxury, and leave them with lasting memories of a well-designed affair.

   What is an ideal first impression when guests arrive at a private party or special event in Los Angeles? It is a professional valet parking attendant receiving their car and allowing them to arrive comfortably and in style for most guests. For your next private party, wedding celebration, or special event, call Fidelity Valet Parking’s Los Angeles Valet Parking Service and book the service ranked one of the highest in guests’ preferred luxuries in LA.


An essential step when you are booking a valet parking service in Los Angeles would be to give yourself and Fidelity Valet Parking plenty of time and plan at least two to four weeks ahead. Evaluate the size of your party or special event; How many guests are you inviting? The number of guests will determine the number of valet parking service attendants required. For smaller private parties or events, two or three valet attendants would be sufficient, in which case you will find one of Fidelity Valet Parking Specials to be satisfactory. If you are expecting a bigger gathering, consider that in Los Angeles, having four or more valet parking attendants and a doorman would be a prudent option. Fidelity Valet Parking provides all accessories, such as umbrellas, direction signs, podium, or stand. Our doorman and valet attendants arrive with all required to set up a proper traffic configuration.

Fidelity Valet Parking - Alen at Special Event - Setting up Best Valet Configuration

The length and type of your private party or special event will also play a part in organizing a successful valet parking operation for your private event in Los Angeles. Would there be a constant flow of people arriving and leaving at all hours, or would it be an event where most of your guests arrive and leave simultaneously? Is there an abundant area in front for the Valet Parking manager and valet parking attendants to set up the valet stand, an umbrella, and podium to receive your party's guests and cars? Fidelity valet staff want to make sure to accommodate your guests by quickly and safely collecting their vehicles and arrange to avoid long waits when they are leaving.


Another important topic in Valet Parking Service for Los Angeles will be the availability of an accessible and moderately large parking area that Fidelity's Valet's service attendants could utilize to park the cars during your private party or event. If one is not available in the immediate proximity to your special event, perhaps we could receive your guests at an off-site parking location and utilize a shuttle to ferry them to your party. With many parking limitations in Los Angeles, shuttling guests is fast becoming accepted as a safe option. Keep in mind that although there may be plenty of street parking available for us to utilize for parking your guests’ cars, Los Angeles city transportation offices may require temporary parking permits for this purpose, in which case be sure to contact Fidelity valet Parking two to four weeks before your special event. 

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